March 22, 2021

Morning Thoughts –

I believe I am getting back on track again. I have been up since 4:30 AM. DKF will be here this afternoon instead of her usual morning time at 5:30 AM. 

Yay, I have the morning to myself and when Magic wants my divided attention. It has been Dawn’s weekend off, and I take advantage of her weekend off. 

She doesn’t have her other client today, so DKF’s time with me will be from 1:30/2:30 PM to 8:30 PM. She will be with her husband at home until he heads to work. So here I am, this morning, having it to myself and Magic kitty. I can watch/listen to TV programs and my Roku system and play games on my iPad and phone.

        I feel I am getting used to the system DD is using. There are some things that SB still has to update, but I like the system as far as how we long on now. We still use WordPress, and I love it. It was what SB had to do to move the DD. Having a data leak in our former system is not good. SB did what he had to do. It just took time to move DD and get it set up for members. Also, if I remember correctly, DD is now for paying patreons) members now. Paying $3 a month is something not to complain. I love DD, and I have been a diarist for years. I’ve seen changes through the years, and SB has shut down one DD site a couple of years ago. Even though I do not readily accept it (it depends on what it is), changes have to be made from time to time. So, when SB had to move the DD site earlier this month, I do have to admit that my patience was tested. And I had to get used to how he set it up when getting to the diary/blog; waiting to write again publicly was needed. The idea of losing DD entirely would be a devastation. I feel I have gotten to know other diarists/bloggers, and believe it or not; I became friendly with some. Yes, I have made friends worldwide, and we know each other by what we write.

        As I sit here thinking about what I write, I have to be careful with what I want to share. While I sit in the quietness of my apartment while listening to an episode of Dr. Phil on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), I wonder what is safe to share. The internet is a place for socializing with friends and family in some way or another. 

Texting, messenger, commenting, leaving posts, video calls, and regular, occasional phone calls are happening these days. I have family members who prefer texting more than talking on the phone. I am texting, leaving a post on Facebook, and commenting on Facebook and Twitter, a lot more than being on the phone talking to someone.

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