Dialysis Update

Today was a good day at dialysis.  I am glad that I got there and out at a reasonable time, even though I didn’t get out until almost 1 PM.  The dialysis techs were having some trouble with the machine, and it took time to hook me up to the device.  I am grateful that today was Thursday, and DKF will be with me this afternoon and evening for a while.  The weather could be more desirable.  It has been rainy or cloudy the past few days.  I thrive on sunshine, similar to a flower when rain and cloudy days are more than one day.  The only complaint I have about my day is getting up in a standing position from a sitting position was brutal all day at home.  I did find a way to get up without help, but it wasn’t easy.  The idea of pushing up with my left arm on the couch arm and my right arm/hand on the handle of my walker didn’t seem like a good idea, but it worked for me.  DKF cannot help me, so I had to find a solution to my dilemma if it is a dilemma.  It worked even though the idea didn’t seem safe or realistic.  DKF teases me about being weird, and we laugh about it, but I believe she wouldn’t do it to be mean.  She’s a very good person who loves what she does for the community as a nurse and caregiver.  I love her very much.  When she says that I am weird, I roll my eyes at her and continue doing what I am doing.

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