March 26, 2021 — Entry 1

I Understand –

Please… why do people have to lie, assume, be mean, and get other people involved in situations? When DKF came to me at 7:30 PM, she was agitated. What she told me made me feel for her (DKF). She and her husband have been having some difficulty with their friend they helped for two months before moving out at the beginning of the month (March 2021). This friend lies, assumes, and when she assumes, she put words in the mouths of others that were not said at all. This friend is being very mean and doing things that could damage relationships fast. 

Believe me when I say I understand because I have had friends similar/like this friend of DKF’s. What I heard last night was downright scary. What this friend has done can be or is a federal crime, a crime she committed, and this friend could be in serious trouble. I will find out later if DKF wants to divulge the information. DKF and her husband are dealing with a friend who seems unhinged in my way of thinking. 

This friend is very good at ruining relationships and breaking up families with her lies, cleanliness, and getting other people involved. DKF is a very good person who will give you her shirt right off her back. She isn’t mean whatsoever. When she gets mad, she will let you know why. She has gotten mad at me a couple of times in the past six years, and her silence for a few hours can be pretty scary, but I understood when/after it happened. I haven’t seen her so angry with me. What she is dealing with as far as this friend is concerned has gotten very upset that the friendship with this friend is over. I will be honest. I had a bad feeling about this friend from the beginning, and my feelings were expressed openly to DKF. From last night’s situation, my feelings were spot on that DKF and her husband SF were taken advantage of. I understand. 

I hope that DKF and SF can resolve the situation with the right people and get back on track. I am praying and wishing them the best.

Magic Speaks –

I have my momma wrapped around my paw, hehehehehe. I love being a cat – her cat – she loves me very much. 

I love momma very much, too. 

Momma lets me be a cat, have my space, and have my places to sleep. I love my new home. I am going to be one year old next month, which is April. Momma and my Aunt JM have taken pictures of me each month as we celebrate my life. I love having my photo taken so she can share it with family and friends. I’m also wild that makes momma laugh, wants to cry because she is frustrated, and wants to scream. I am her baby, no matter what.

Momma Speaks –

Magic has said the truth, hehehehehehe. I do love him very much, no matter what. Magic is a cat, and he is the third cat I’ve had in the past 31 years now. I wouldn’t trade him in for a different cat even though I want to have a second kitty. If I had a second cat, it would be challenging to love both equally.

I did love Emilee (the first cat I adopted at eight weeks old and lived 16 ½ years). Bing (the second cat I adopted when he was 1 ½ year old and lived fourteen years with me) was loved. Now I have Magic. He was adopted when he was five months old and will be eleven months here on March 30. He is my baby now, and I love him very much. Emilee was an excellent cat even though she was not fond of other people and sometimes not friendly with me. She was a cat with an attitude that spoke volumes when we communicated and had our conversations. With Bing, I didn’t want another kitten because I saw one grow up; he was no mistake when I met him.

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