My Day Was Good Enough

Today, Wednesday, known as’hump day’, has been a good day.  DKF came at 6 AM because her treatment at her doctor’s office wiped her out then she left to return at 7:30 PM.  I had received the package from Chewy this morning and DKF found that a screw was not working for the new cat tree I had gotten for Magic, so I called Chewy and they are sending me another cat tree because one of the screws doesn’t fit properly.

My day has been filled with watching Dr. Phil, reading, a small nap, and working on the book I’m trying to write.  My character’s name is Abby Korry who is a mystery buff like Nancy Drew, Frank and Joe Hardy. When Abby was in middle and high school, she helped her policeman father with some of cases, and took courses in Criminal Law to become a police officer in New York, NY.  More details later.

After 10 PM –

I feel semi-tired, and it’s a few minutes after 10 PM.  It’s time to close up shop for the night.  I need to get some shut-eye for the night.  If tired at treatment, I can lay back a bit and take a nap.  I can take naps at treatment now when two years ago, I couldn’t sleep because the noises and activity were so great.  Good night

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