Cannot Ask For More Without Being Greedy

Before my day escapes me, I thought I would say hello. 

It has been a perfect day. I had treatment for 2 hours and 45 minutes today because I needed to be out the door by 12:30 PM so DKF can make it to her afternoon appointment/treatment as she has some form of cancer. I am sitting here at home waiting for her to return from her appointment. Prayers are needed right now – DKF – thank you so much.

Burbank Plaza –

We have had our yearly in-house inspection on Tuesday. I was not home but learned I had passed. While management was doing her inspections, she found a tenant on the floor dead in the tenant’s apartment. DKF saw there was a commotion and called me to tell me what was happening. She, DKF, saw police and a dead body coming out of the building. While I was waiting for DKF to finish her appointment, I called CD to ensure it was not sure because her weight issue can bring on a heart attack if she doesn’t begin to lose weight. When I noticed it was not her, I was relieved and learned that it was a tenant who many of us remember.

The pandemic is still rising here in Rock County, so the community is still closed until further notice. Tenants abide or do not abide by the rules of living here, and I choose to comply with the laws. I rarely speak to other tenants nowadays, and I go my own way. I have a friendly neighbor, but he doesn’t abide by the rules with a good attitude. When I see him, I am glad it is a brief moment of conversation because he doesn’t wear his mask correctly. Yes, tenants in the building do not follow the rules, and I am not usually the one who handles it, and yes, it bugs me. Tenants who do not follow the rules do not deserve my association. In other words, I will not associate with other tenants here. 

If I see them while coming and going, I will say hello, and that’s it.

Plans For the Weekend? 

I do not have any plans for the weekend. I have dialysis in the morning and then worship with TB and KB, whether in my home or over the phone. DKF will not be here Sunday anymore, so Magic and I will have Sunday to ourselves from morning to bedtime. I will read, watch marathon shows and movies, and relax/nap. My weekends are low-key after dialysis, and rarely do I have significant plans these days.

Good Bye For Now –

It is time for me to go for now. 

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  1. Yetzirah says:

    I cannot fathom the depth and breadth of how much we all have suffered from the effects and the response to this situation. My heart hurts for us all….

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