Weekly Dialysis Update –

Now home from dialysis for the past five hours, I have to admit that this week’s treatment was fantastic. Upon leaving a half-hour early on Thursday, the tech asked me if I was up for a challenge. I told her I am. 2.5 kilograms of fluid was taken out of my body today, leaving me at my dry weight of 91.1. 

Dialysis treatment is doing well. 

My graft is hanging in there as well as I am hanging in there. The tech who took care of Thursday and today said that taking naps is something new to her, and I told her that three weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling well because I had a UTI to take care of, and it caused tiredness. Ever since then, I have vowed that if I need to nap, I will do it. 

Yes, I have been napping at dialysis lately. It helps pass the time as well.

Magic Speaks –

I have been wild and playful these days. 

Mom doesn’t yell too much, and when he does, I know I have been naughty. I love my surroundings, space, and time with my momma. I do not have a lot to say today. I guess I will say have a great weekend and talk to you again soon.

Momma Speaks –

Magic has been growing and becoming a good cat. 

He is wild and running about every morning and night and sleeping during the day after breakfast and some cuddling time with DKF Monday through Friday. I allow him to be a cat and have his space while I am home doing my needed things/wanted to be done. He loves looking out the window at the birds and squirrels we have flying/walking about. I hear Magic’s quick meows of the displeasure of a bird or squirrel that is in his sight, maybe taunting him. Magic is my pride and joy, and I love him very much even though I miss Bing Crosby very much some days. I hate leaving Magic behind when I go to dialysis three times a week for three hours and fifteen minutes out of my day from 9:15 AM to 12:30 to 1 PM. I have separation anxiety at times.

My Dialysis Weekend –

I am glad that my dialysis weekend has started. I have had a fair and reasonable week. Now, I can take a break and relax this afternoon and evening. I have no major plans.

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