Dialysis Update –

The machine was having an issue for some reason or another. It took twenty minutes to get me hooked up, and my consolation prize was being on for three hours instead of three hours and fifteen minutes. I had weighed 95.5 kilos coming into the clinic and 92.1 kilos as my dry weight leaving. I will not argue how my graft is doing. I am a little nervous about it not working correctly after Dr. D fixed it on March 30, 2021, but it is going strong. DKF told me that if it stops working, we need to do what is necessary then. I don’t want to borrow trouble anymore.

I was there for a while and realized there was a technician I recognized. To (male) is back. DKF calls him To the Tiger. It was nice seeing him again and chatting it up a little bit. His brother Tr didn’t come with him. Anyway, a female tech hooked me up while To took me off. After dialysis, SF brought me home.


My caregiver isn’t feeling the greatest right now. She has E. Coli in her urine. She went to SSM Health ER this morning to get the necessary help she needed. She was not sure if she would be admitted or not, so she waited to get a hold of me to make sure what was going on. She called me to tell me that the doctor put her on an IV with some antibiotics and would be sent home to rest and be back to work in the morning. Prayers are necessary at this time. DKF has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and her tolerance of some antibiotics is very low.

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