A May Day Memory

There is one day I remember as a child.  A neighbor girl would make little baskets for May Day — May 1st — every year for all the kids in the neighborhood.  Her name was Nikki — NA — and I remember her doing it once she was old enough to walk.  Knowing she is grown and probably has children of her own now.  Anyway, there is one year I remember well.  This one year was the last time I would be getting a May basket because I was moving to Janesville after school ended that June.  That year NA delivered her May basket to me by climbing a raised wall to reach me in the front deck we had on the house.  She did it so efficiently that if I did it, I would have injured myself really good or have died because I hit my head on the way down even if the wall wasn’t very tall.  Anyway, those days are gone now.

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