A Fear That Crept Right In

Okay, this fear had crept right in when my boyfriend’s mom mentioned that God would put some people asleep before things get bad. I wonder if it is me. Am I one of them? Maybe, maybe not. If I am, God knows me best. The idea of it scared me at first, but now I’m at ease, more so now than over an hour ago. My spiritual life needs some work, and I love Jesus very much.

After thirty-one years, when the transplanted kidney stopped working correctly, my understanding and awareness of my kidney lasted longer than most transplants is fantastic. I want to go for another transplant, but my weight needs to be 180 pounds. Right now, I am close to 190 pounds. That’s another fear I have — not finding a living donor. My mom can’t donate again. The kidney I have was hers when in 1988 until she donated it to me.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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