Scams & Spam: What to Do


Believe me when frustration hits, it hits hard sometimes. I am one of countless people who get phone calls from reputable numbers, but it turns out to be a scam. I have learned to screen all calls and if it’s important it will go to my voicemail. I will call back after listening to the message. Most of the time now, I get several calls a day that deals with scams. There are people out there who are real good at scamming. I have to admit that I get scam calls daily now. Even on a Sunday from time to time. I use Robokiller and believe there are kinks in the program that need to Be worked out. I screen all of my calls. Unknown numbers do not get answered. Those calls go to voicemail, where I review it and delete it. If it is a reputable number, I will call back immediately or after dialysis treatment. It gets frustrating.


I have been with Dear Diary since the early 2000’s now. I have met other diarists through their words going across the screen. You learn about people that way and believe me when I have read some real good diaries and blogs through the time I have been with DD. I love being here. Although we can see comments before they posted, there’s a lot of spam comments to sift through. I have been sitting through The comments l get. I am glad this feature is available. It does help me out considerably, even though it can be frustrating and sometimes mindblowing. Just imagine a bomb going off that takes the top of your head off with smoke shooting out of the sides. Did I describe (in italics) it well enough?

I also get spam in my email box also. It’s ridiculous. The other day I got a text and email from my stepfather saying that my email contact list had been hacked. That made my ears feel warm and anxious.

What To Do


You have to do what you have to do best for you. What to do, that’s best for me, is to screen all of my calls, have my contacts set up so when I see they are calling, I will answer the phone. I screen all of my calls.


Delete account. Be careful with what you open. Set up your email the best you can and have a good password that shouldn’t Be used everywhere. I have run into this issue about using the same password in multiple places. I am working on changing my passwords. It’s not an easy project to do. It’s tedious and time consuming. Hang in there and do your best.

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