Dialysis Treatment

Dialysis treatment went well today. I got in early and out early to wait for my ride, who was DKF. She just got done with her client and was with me for a while before heading to her treatment at SSM Health/Dean Clinic and Hospital. She has cancer cells causing sores on her body.

DKF left at 4 PM to get back to her client to return here at 7:30 PM for an hour or so. My Thursday went well. I am pleased and happy that I got to treatment and back home safely without any issues. I am still not satisfied with what happened Tuesday. I am still mad and not wanting Richwood’s business anymore. Done with Richwood, and I will tell MTM that from now on.

How Well Did My Treatment Go So Far?

I was surprised that I did not gain any fluid weight past 94.8 this week for missing treatment. Of course, I had diarrhea over the weekend and softer bowel movements during the week up to today. I am feeling good and happy that the treatment did go well. I’m not too fond of missing dialysis treatment, but once in a while, it’s okay as long as I keep up with signs of distress and need to go to the hospital when I have difficulty breathing or need medical care. Like I said before, I’m not too fond of missing treatment, but this week I have succeeded in not gaining extra fluid in my body. By the time dialysis was over, I had 2.3 kilos of fluid taken out of me. I am doing good, and now the weekend will be here soon enough.

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