Hello and good morning, dear friends and readers. I know I haven’t said anything since last Thursday. I get swamped with other things. Today is dialysis day. With no major plans this weekend, I had a great weekend. I got to see my boyfriend and his Mom Saturday afternoon after church because I can’t make it to church due to treatment. DKF will not be here until 6 AM this morning, so I want to take a few minutes to write this morning to show that I am still here.

I haven’t gotten my COVID vaccine yet. I am still nervous despite the friends I have who have been encouraging me to get it done. I haven’t buckled up my nerves. UUGGHH. I know four people in my life who are NOT getting the vaccine because of the outcome of the vaccine being what it is. Hearing about how many deaths have occurred with the vaccine has made me feel very uncomfortable getting it myself. Also, talking about it makes me fearful of the vaccine. DKF’s client’s daughter tried to be insistent about her not coming in to work with me because I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet, and when I heard this, my blood began to boil to scorching. It is no one’s business whether or not I have gotten the shot or not. I was glad that DKF said something in my defense.  “Thanks, DKF.”

DKF will be here in a few minutes. I better go for now. I hope everyone has a good day. If I have time to write more, I will.

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