The Handicapped Sign and a Neighbor’s Attitude

I get home after 3 PM today because we (DKF surprised me with lunch since we had time before her doctor’s appointment at 2:40 PM) decided to get a bite to eat, go to an appointment she had, and then get back to my place. We had a great time until we got to my apartment building. DKF always parks in an accessible parking spot because dialysis makes me slower and a little unsteady and gets me inside my apartment before she comes back out to move her car into a non-handicapped parking stall. Today of all days, a neighbor and her ex-husband decided to yell at Dawn and tell her this parking stall was reserved, had his name on the sign…it doesn’t…and that this neighbor has a wheelchair and one leg. I heard this gentleman, and then I heard a voice. I recognized the woman’s voice, and it was someone I liked very much. She was siding with her ex-husband. I was appalled at the fact that DKF was being yelled at when I DKF was being calm and doing her best to explain that she was doing her best at describing what she was doing, but the gentleman continued to yell over her. We both hear the word “bitch” come out of his mouth before he drove off to park his vehicle. I finally get out and inside my apartment before she got back outside to move her vehicle. DKF and I both knew who’s car always parked in the parking stall, and I was told by management that no one had assigned/reserved parking stalls a few months ago when I asked. I also have a handicapped card so we can park in the handicapped section in parking lots. DKF uses the card ONLY when I am in the vehicle as well. When DKF came back inside, she wanted to talk to KR about what happened, and the gentlemen and neighbor decided to confront her in the hallway, yelling some more. DKF’s voice never raised, but I did hear her say before returning to my apartment that she always looks out for Krissi. We will be filling out a complaint when management is in after the weekend — Monday.

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