I was not given a citation for a violation, but the tenants who yelled at us and swearing got the violation notice even though the one tenant did apologize for her actions.  I have been watching my back because the ex-husband and DKF told me that I would probably not have a friend in the ex-wife after she gets her violation notice, and that is fine.  I am looking for a new place to live. The on-site manager does everything she can per property management’s backing. Also, I am not as happy anymore.  As far, knowing that I’m back on the violation the two tenants have gotten, I do have to admit that I do not feel sorry for the ex-husband but feel bad about the ex-wife getting q violation for her part.  She did cop an attitude with DKF in the hallway when the ex-husband started reaming DKF again about her parking in the disabled parking stall.  The ex-husband is a big bully and jerk.  DKF believes he belittles women with his bullying ways.  If he bothers me, I am supposed to let KR know immediately.  No man is going to jump down my throat.  I am not afraid to report abuse by anyone — man or woman!  When my friend abusive by hitting me, I took it to management immediately during the fight, and ended up screaming and crying.  Boy, JS can hit!  We are still good friends because we looked past our faults and flaws, and she did get in trouble for provoking the fight.  I couldn’t defend myself because of the position I was put in.  We are tight now.  We are BFFs.  I know that it’s unusual, but JS is not your usual girl.  I am glad I befriended her, and a friend of ours EW told us both to wuzen up a bit and that JS reminded her of herself when she was young.  I saw JS grow from there.  If EW was here today, she would see the progress in us, and the changes in us.

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