It Has Been Awhile Again

It has been four days since I last wrote.  Not much has happened since Saturday morning — really.  DKF has a head concussion because of an accident that occurred at a park.  It was not her friends’ fault, but they did make the accident happen.  Someone needs to pay for the bill(s) DKF has accrued because of the concussion, but the park recreation people are hard to reach to take care of what happened and why.  I am praying about it in hopes that it will be handled as it should.

On Sunday morning, I did my best at feeding Magic.  I ended up cutting my finger on the moist cat food cover.  I called our non-emergency number to have EMTs look at it.  They bandaged it up, and in the afternoon, they came back to take me to the ER to check it out because it was still bleeding when I took the bandage off.  With dialysis patients using heparin during and after dialysis may cause the patient to bleed a little more.  It was a safe move for me to make even though the doctor accessed my finger said it was not required a stitch.  The doctor cleaned the cut and used glue to keep it safe from opening up again, and put an order of antibiotics for seven days/2 times a day.  I was in and out within thirty to forty-five minutes.  I am glad that the cut was superficial more than serious.  It pays to be cautious, and nope, I am not accident prone — thank goodness.

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