It Was Her Choice, Not Mine

Microsoft Office works again! I think it’s because I have put in my password for iCloud. I do not know otherwise. It’s working again, and I am using it. Now for the bad news. DKF isn’t working for me anymore, and she has deleted our friendship as well. What happened was her say so – not mine. She said it was because I went behind her back saying that she chewed me out. She didn’t want to hear anything about it, sounding like she was chewing me out. She walked out, called me, and told me to take her and her husband’s numbers out of my phone and emergency contact out of my phone. 

This is the reason why I have not been writing for a while. I had to let things go for a bit except for looking for a new caregiver. My heart is aching over what happened. Please forgive me for not writing a while. It is DKF’s loss, after all, not mine – truly. She is the one who wanted to take the past six years and throw it all away. She’s the one who ended the friendship and told me she hopes all g2.5oes well. Anyway, I believe I found someone from to work for IRIS. I will see about it tomorrow.

Other than what happened a week and two days ago, I have to admit that life has been good. My catheter for dialysis has had its ups and downs lately as well. Yesterday’s treatment started roughly; I could have treatment after the nurse put in medicine called Cathflo. My feeling about the incident was “they know what they’re doing,” and I went with the flow. 

I got out a few minutes after 12:30 PM with two hours and fifteen minutes of treatment. I hope, with Cathflo in after treatment, that the catheter will work better Thursday.

What did I do today? 

I watched a few minutes of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, watched Descendants and Descendants 2 on Disney+. 

Not a lot is happening today. It is a lazy day for me.

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