My Saturday Dialysis Update

The week is now over.  Dialysis went well today.  The alarm went off twice because it did not like my movements, and it also told the techs that it needed something replaced to allow treatment to continue onward to finish.  While I waited for the treatment to finish, I took time to do my devotions, read Bible scripture, and pray.  When I am at the clinic and need to write, I use Pages for what I need to say.  It works great for me.  I have Pages, Numbers, and Keynote uploaded on my phone.  I am running away with my jabber.  Please forgive me.

As dialysis continued, before I was untethered from the machine, I can see other patients resting or sleeping, so I had a great, quiet time getting what I wanted to do done. I use untethered because the techs use lines to connect my catheter instead of needles to poke me with – a sense of humor that may not always be humorous to everyone.  When I was done with treatment, I was untethered from the machine and got out of the clinic for my dialysis weekend a little after 12:30 PM and home by 1 PM, and getting Magic kitty into the apartment took fifteen to twenty minutes of my time.  He can be a little stinker, lol.  Here I go off on a tangent once again with my jabbering.

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