My Thursday

Good morning and hello from Janesville, Wisconsin, this s morning; I am already at dialysis and have been here for an hour.  I will get out around 11:30 PM today –yahoo.  Sometimes it pays to be early. Why was I early?  I was already in the building because I had my second sleep study to see what I need for a CPAP.  Dr. C wanted to test titration and know where I stand as far as my sleep apnea goes.  I do have sleep apnea. The technician in my care, M (female), had to switch machines (from CPAP to a BIPAP).  For the first time in a long time, I slept.

For the first time in a long time, I am sitting in chair #1 today.  I feel lousy t I’m not using chair #4, but sometimes there are perks for being early.  Kristi smiles and likes the change for the day/morning. It’ll be nice to get home early today and see my Magic kitty.  I miss him.  I might get a scolding from him when I get home, LOL.

Update On Dialysis —

It is going well this morning.  I won’t or can’t argue.  The lines needed to be reversed today, but that’s fine.  The catheter is working fine.

A Sudden Fear —

I hope that Magic didn’t get into anything while I was home that will make him sick.  Have to talk to Jesus now.  Be back soon.

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