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Hello.  Boy, September 1 and September 2 have gone by very quickly.  That happens sometimes.  Kristi is smiling.  I have been very, very busy lately.  Dialysis has been going smoothly this week, and tomorrow is the last day of the week of treatment before my dialysis treatment begins.  Anyway, I am here today/tonight before going to sleep to share something with my readers and friends. It’s Friday evening, and I am in my bedroom for the night.  With my evening meds taken for the evening, I have trekked to my bedroom before sundown.  Sundown?  Yep, the bed is looming closer now, but before I sleep for the night, I want to share my faith and belief in Jesus Christ and what denomination is.  What I am sharing with you tonight is my love of God, and I am not here to cram religion down the throats of others, okay?  Thank you for understanding.  Here I go.

Hello, my name is Kristi.  Please call me Ksmiley or Smiley, okay?  I am haven’t become an Adventist because someone forced me to do so.  I have gone to several prophecy seminar meetings at a local hotel in town with a friend who happened to be an Adventist all her life. She wanted to share her beliefs and denomination with me without cramming religion down my throat.  My first prophecy seminar meetings were in October 1999 – 22 years ago.  I was baptized during those meetings in the hotel’s pool.  The pool?  Yep, it was awesome.  My (Mom) NMS) was there to see this remarkable moment in her life, seeing one of her children by choice of her heart being baptized.  With that said, I am going to continue onward on some vital information about Seventh-day Adventism.

What does the Seventh-Day Adventist church believe?

Seventh-day Adventists share many of the fundamental beliefs of Protestant Christianity, including acceptance of the authority of the Bible, recognition of the existence of human sin and the need for salvation, and belief in the faith atoning the work of Christ. — Google

The 28 Fundamental Beliefs Seventh-day Adventism

Fundamental Beliefs Webpage

That is all I am going to share tonight.  Next week I will share more information.  Once again, I am not here to cram or shove my beliefs and love of Jesus down anyone’s throat.  I am here what I/who am today and forever.  It’s bedtime now, and I need to go to sleep and rest now.  I have dialysis in the morning, and I have my friend JM coming to visit after she is done with work.  Good night friends.

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