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Oh my goodness gracious, another day has gone by so quickly.  I have had my bath, got dressed for the day, being at the dialysis clinic by 8:15 AM, and was out the door by 12:30 PM to be home for the weekend by 12:50 PM.  Dialysis went well, and while there, thanks to Zoom, I was able to go to Sabbath school and church to be among my friends and church family.  Time at dialysis goes by quickly when involved in something I enjoy, making treatment less bothersome at times.  I haven’t been able to attend church in person since May 2019 and when Covid hit us like a ton of bricks, whoever invented Zoom, attending online or by the phone was the only option until churches were allowed to open up again not too long ago.  My attendance has been on Zoom, and my boyfriend and his Mom have started coming here a few months ago. I miss going to church, but I have to remain safe by wearing a mask while out and about.  I don’t mind this new norm of life.

My friend JM dropped by for a while after work and before she went home.  We visited for a little bit.  KB and TB did not make it today because she was on call yesterday, today, and tomorrow.   We chatted briefly on the phone for a few minutes.  I also had CD over for a little while before JM dropped by.  I owed CD some money for babysitting/cat-sitting Magic a couple of weeks ago.  Otherwise, it was a quiet (somewhat) afternoon after getting home from dialysis for the rest of the weekend (my dialysis weekend).

Sabbath Day Thoughts

As my day end, so does Sabbath.  I was so happy to attend church online with my friends and church family this morning.  Even though I can’t physically go to church right now because of dialysis, I have to admit that being able to see and listen to my pastor speak is a great joy.  Today was the first Sabbath (Saturday); in a LONG time, I have felt good, happy not to have other distractions being in the way. I am not playing my favorite games on my iPad and phone until sundown made me feel so good inside.  Sabbath is a day of rest, and I could rest from my pleasures for several hours – sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.  I struggle with my Sabbath at times, and it felt great not having such a struggle today!  I will talk more about Sabbath next Friday.

 Thank you, Jesus, for having a wonderful day of rest for everyone.  I understand that not everyone understands the Sabbath or does not believe in you for some reason or another; I have to admit that being a Sabbath keeper is excellent even though I have struggled off and on through the years.  Now that I know the meaning of Sabbath and why such a day was created at the beginning of time.  Amen and good night.

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