Home At Last: Do I Make Sense?

What do I mean by “Home at Last?” Ten years ago or so, I was visiting my friends JW and his wife/my friend from high school KW overnight and staying with them for a couple of days.  I had left Bing Crosby the cat in the care of a neighbor I could trust and had time with JW and KW.  I felt at home and comfortable here, but I wasn’t ready to move again because Burbank Plaza was then my home sweet home.  Now, ten years have passed, and my former home sweet home became more challenging, and in May, I decided to take a chance and see if I could get into Garden Court.  The south side of town was becoming what is deemed a ghost town because businesses have closed down due to Covid hitting 2019, causing a pandemic worldwide, and causing a cascade of business shutdowns or minimizing the number of people per business to serve. Companies were forced to close for a while during the harshest part of the pandemic.  The GM plant had closed a few years ago, and the plant’s buildings have been taken down.  Even schools closed for a while, and students went to school virtually until this fall.  Despite the pandemic, I have been going to dialysis every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday like clockwork, wearing a mask out in public for my safety and protection.

I also wear a mask out in public when I am leaving and coming back to my place.  Three weeks ago, I moved to Garden Court, where new memories with the Magic kitty can be made.  I have taken a gamble with my move, but it was necessary and needed.  My happiness waned at Burbank Plaza, and I remembered how happy I was when visiting JW and KW ten years ago. I’ve also noticed that, although the first night for Magic, Magic seems more content as well.  He runs around, plays with his toys, and gets into things he shouldn’t because he’s one very clever kitty.  The toy that had a ball go round and round has gotten to the point that the ball is somewhere in the apartment, and the toy is done for.  I will have to throw it away when Magic isn’t looking.

My new apartment has felt like a home for the past three weeks because it has a hallway.  I know that it sounds silly, but  I am indeed happier with dialysis going smoothly, and I can rest comfortably, and what I have been feeling is genuine.  If I was depressed before moving here, which I genuinely believe was depression, I have found true happiness without running away from whatever problems I was dealing with while living at Burbank Plaza.  I think I have found myself within me hiding under the issues I could not muddle through. Am I running away?  Yes, I thought I would be running away from things there and bringing them with me, but I’ve noticed that is not the case.  I have begun a new lease on life, and I am now home. JW is no longer with us.  He was almost 51 when he passed away from dementia, but the memories of him live on in my heart, and I am here with KW, JS, and JO now.  They, bless my friends, have their apartments in the building, and I am home at last, also.  Do I need to say more?  Nope.

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