Dialysis Update: November 9, 2021

A new week has begun for dialysis.  We had labs done today, and my labs show that my phosphorus is up slightly, and although they do not worry about the creatinine levels at dialysis, my kidney has shut down more.  It has been thirty-three years since my transplant now.   Treatment went smoothly today.  The only thing that was not going smoothly was setting up rides with Veyo, who has vendors for medical rides.  MTM, our former company, left us on Oct 30, 2021, and Veyo took over.  I was getting a ride from a vendor titled You Buy We Fly.  Their vehicles are not easy to get in the car.  I need a low-riding car.  The social worker and I have called Veyo to do what was necessary to find companies with low riding vehicles or cars to pick me up to go and from dialysis on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  My ride today was not scheduled.  Veyo ended up getting a call from the social worker at the dialysis center to get the matter sorted out.  It is getting to the point that trusting a ride setup is becoming difficult.  I am getting frustrated and annoyed.  Can’t people get things right?  UUGGHH.

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