Can’t Get Involved…

I cannot get emotionally involved with dramatic situations anymore.  My physical health is weak because of dialysis.  I have dialysis three times a week, write about treatment every time I get home or have time.  I need to concentrate on getting to and from dialysis right now because we are using a new company – Veyo – because – MTM’s contract had ended October 30th.  For the past ten days, it has been hard to get Veyo to understand that I cannot climb into vehicles/cars.  I need a low-riding vehicle.  My balance is bad, I use a walker to get around, and I do not have the strength to get into a seat that I have to climb onto.  It doesn’t help to lose strength because of aging cerebral palsy (CP).

I am a little confused right now.  I have to be careful not to get emotionally drained with friends as well as my physical, and medical needs.  I am feeling that if I do get emotionally involved in helping my friend JO I will be sucked into dramatic situations.  It has almost already happened.  I have to back off a little for a while.  I am going to tell it like it is from now on.

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