Dialysis Update: November 11, 2021

 Dialysis went fine today.  My catheter ran into a few moments of clotting the machine.  Tr, the technician, could get the clot out and hook me back up to the device without more trouble.  Cathflo was thought of if it kept (the machine) beeping, but I could finish treatment, and Cathflo was not put in at the end of treatment.  Also, the ride situation is settled somewhat.  The ride to dialysis was fine, but I had to call MK to come to pick me up.  Lavigne Bus Company ended up bringing a car I could not get into.   Before heading home, MK, her husband M, and mother-in-law took me to lunch with them at Citrus Café.  Then came home for the rest of the day and evening.  The next treatment is Saturday morning at 9::15 AM.

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By ksmiley

I have a condition called cerebral palsy. I've been writing in a diary since I was 12 years old. That was when I got my first diary.

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