Dialysis Update: November 26 & 28, 2021

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday Thursday, Nov 25, the dialysis clinic was closed.  Thursday patients went on Friday, Nov 26, and the 28th.  Yes, with Sunday being the first day of the week, I will be dialyzed four times next week.  Also, I figured out why I was dreading the changes this week—Tuesday.  The holiday, even though appreciated, had moved dialysis days around, and going in on Sunday takes my weekend away.  Having my dialysis weekend on Wednesday and Thursday feels odd to me.  Although I enjoy the holidays by the quietness of the days, I have to admit that I am a little nervous and perplexed and want the New Year to come and go and get back to Tuesday,  Thursday, and Saturday without interruptions.  Dialysis on Friday almost didn’t go well, but after the venous line pulled and pushed, the arterial line followed with the lines reversed – blue/red and red/blue.

My treatment on Sunday went well.  Very seldom does my catheter runs straight (not in reverse).  I am very good with numbers.  My catheter ran straight today.  Red on red and blue on blue, the lines ran beautifully.  It has run four times straight since it was placed earlier this year.  Now I am going to enjoy my afternoon and what I have for my dialysis weekend.

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