Dialysis Update: December 2, 2021

The arterial line seems not to pull, but it pushes just fine.  Today I was not above my dry weight of 91 kgs.  With it being my idea, we intended to remove .500 fluid, but my blood pleasure was low, and the machine pulled .100 before, on just cleaning my blood due to having diarrhea lately.  I am dehydrated and trying to get back on track without taking medical advice from my primary doctor.  I will drink more fluids until further notice.  My rump is sore from pressure points being wiped from bowel discharge, whether soft, rigid, or diarrhea.  It can be frustrating, but I deal with it the best I can because I am independent.  I will watch what I will be eating as well.  Despite that, no fluid was taken out today, dialysis went smoothly, and I was out the door on time but had to wait forty-five minutes for my ride—no big deal.  I go home between 1:30-2:00 PM.  I wasn’t in a rush to get home, and Magic Kitty would get extra loves when I got home.

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