Coming Out of hibernation?

As I sit here on a Friday after my caregiver has left for the day, I have no plans today.  Even though I do dialysis updates as often as possible, my dialysis weekend is coming after 1 PM tomorrow.  I feel wiped out, but a little better or getting back from feeling under the weather.  The weekend and treatments are back on track until Christmas starting Tuesday, December 7, 2021; I am taking it easy today.  I am not 100% sure if I had a bug of some sort or was dehydrated.  I am back to some normalcy—finally.  Sabbath begins shortly, and I am watching Murder, She Wrote on Peacock TV.  I do many marathon TV shows like Murder, She Wrote, Downton Abbey, Murdoch Mysteries.  Monday – Friday, I watch Dr. Phil and Judge Judy at 3 PM and 4 PM to wind down for the evening.

Even though not an update, dialysis is now part of my routine.  I am happy to be at home daily than out and about socializing.  I am a homebody.  The Covid epidemic was not why I had become an unsocial type of person.  I still give my time in texts and responding to Instagram and Facebook posts as much as possible.  I make it a habit to talk to a friend daily.  I have kept to myself before, at Burbank Plaza, RS left; after putting me through an emotional hell, she would not stop until she got evicted.  What is the use of having a phone anymore?  A lot of people would rather text more than talk on the phone. 

Garden  Court: A Lot to Say With Time Escaping

I am enjoying my life here at Garden Court, even though coming and going from dialysis is the only thing I do.  I see the same people/tenants.  Although I am not out in the community socializing, I am not finding the walls of my apartment depressing or suffocating.  I feel at home and willing to go and come back with pleasure instead of dread and foreboding.  I have been here for two months and a day now, but time escaped me to write more than my dialysis updates.  My dialysis updates are a part of my life now.  I wasn’t at my physical best for a while due to a bug or being dehydrated.  Dialysis has shown that my blood pressure has been lower than 100/60 often for the past couple of weeks.  We have tried to minimize what the problem may be.  I figured it out yesterday and am feeling somewhat better today.  In other words, I have so much to say, but time goes by so fast that I do not write much for a while, as if I stopped journaling forever.  By the time I get up and ready for my day, do my chores, go to and from dialysis three times a week, and go to bed, my day is done, and a new day the same routine begins another day.  I haven’t picked up the laptop in a while to write.  I am getting back to writing again.  More later.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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