Happiness Continues

I will not argue that I have my ups and downs, but I feel I am home since I have moved to Garden Court.  I won’t deny that coming and going makes me feel happy.  With 132 apartments in the building, one of them is my apartment—my home. I’m home.  I’m home.  I do not feel like the walls around me are suffercating me whereas the walls at Burbank Plaza were.  I have good memories while living there (Burbank Pl seaza) through the 20+ years.  It was my first apartment I have lived in for twenty-three years.  If I keep going about Burbank Plaza, you will learn that trusting  neighbors through the years became harder.  I was so happy to get out of that place and come to Garden Court with an eagerness and happiness that seems to linger today.  I love it here at Garden Court.  That feeling we are in a hotel more so than an apartment building, lol.

We are, at this time, not allowed to sit in the lobby or community room because we have another bout of covid running about.  This is the second run since I have moved in.  Tenants are asked to wear protective masks over nose and mouth while coming in and out of the building.  The ony way management can alert us is through a letter stating that there is a suspected or confirmed case of covid running about the building, and take precautions because HiPPA law draws a fine line.  Management cannot divulge any information about a tenant’s medical issues.  Still, I can find happiness while in my home alone with a cat named Magic.

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