Dialysis Update: December 21 & 23, 2021


This week, I will have dialysis today, Thursday, and Sunday (the first day of the week) because of Christmas Day.  Next week, dialysis will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  Why?  The clinic is closed on New Year’s Day.  I have to admit that I will be glad to get back to my routine after New Year’s Day.  I get the feeling that it feels like a disconnection from my regular/daily routine.  Today,  dialysis went smoothly despite the protest of the catheter at times.  Saw Dr. A, and we discussed my BP and dosage of meds, adjusting the dosage of the meds I am on.  I was taking hydralazine until last Tuesday and was taken off of it.  We discussed taking Metoprolol at 50mg two times a day Tuesday.  We reviewed the case today and cut the dosage to 25mg with the Metoprolol because my BP goes below 100/50 while dialyzing.  I do not take BP meds in the morning on dialysis days.  I have them scheduled for 1 PM and 7 PM on dialysis days.


Today, the last day of the week for dialysis because of the Christmas holiday, is Saturday.  Dialysis went smoothly after being put on the machine blue/red and red/blue—reverse.  My blood pressure was acceptable until the last thirty minutes and put in minimal/to clean blood only.

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