Dialysis Update: December 26, 2021

If I could go one day without having dialysis but having my weekend Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning because of the Christmas holiday, I would wait until Tuesday to go to treatment.  Unless I have a medical reason to miss a treatment, I will be having treatment when scheduled.  Yet, the holidays can disrupt my routine every year, whether I am ready or not.  I was prepared and ready this year, and I will be okay with treatment today and January 2, 2022.  It allows me to attend church on January 1, 2022, since Covid-19.

I did not get to treatment yet, sorry about that, but it did go smoothly and quickly.  Although it went well, just having Monday off from the clinic, I am pretty happy.  I am concerned about my BP not reading or recording low on the machine.  Dr. A is keeping up to date with my BP readings, and we discuss them through Mercy MyChart or at the clinic on Tuesday morning.  I am on top of it and my advocate.

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