Part 2: The Last Day of 2021

Garden Court

I have been living at Garden Court since October 1, 2021.  Three months as of January 1, 2022.  I come and go from the building because of dialysis.  I have met some neighbors and remember some neighbors who have been here for years.  Yesterday I saw a gal who used to be in our large group of friends a few years ago.  The person I saw was BR.  She was pretty years ago, and now her beauty radiates the room with her smile and quiet demeanor.

I know a few people who live here and have been here for a while.  Being here still makes me smile, and I want to go from here.  Dialysis is wiping me out at times, and I feel like I will not take another step without falling over at times.  If I close my eyes to the feeling of falling, it does help me to steady my stance most of the time.  I had my hair washed in the kitchen, and the sense of falling made me unsteady on my feet.  I bent my knees and closed my eyes while washing my hair with warm water.  The feeling went away quickly, and I was able to sit down on my walker to towel dry my hair and brush it.  I am all set for tomorrow’s outing to church.

 Betty White is Gone

I have to say that I am happy that I watched the documentary about Betty White yesterday evening on one of the Roku TV apps.  I had opened Facebook this evening and saw that People reported that Betty White, age 99, has died.  I did not want to believe it at first, but I found it on Wikipedia to be true.  Her death was recorded on January 31, 2021.   I am glad that she made the documentary with her friends and those who honored her.  She will not see her 100th birthday.  The last of the Golden Girls is now gone, and may Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, and Betty White wow their young and old fans in reruns.  Betty White has wowed the nation with her humor and charm on the airwaves of radio and television for many years.  She will be missed.

New Year Resolutions?

         Do I have any New Year Resolutions?  No, because they do not go through, or I start some routine and not finish it.  I have plans that require my attention for my health as far as dialysis is concerned and getting some exercise daily – walking in the hallway. 

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