Part 1: The Last Day of 2021

Wow, today marks the last day of 2021.  According to man-made time, in fourteen hours, we will be in 2022.  I am going to be fifty-two years old in July.  I am getting old, LOL.  Dialysis can take a toll on my body these days, and I do dialysis because it is necessary at this time, and I want to live for God.  I have had rough days after dialysis, but I am glad to be alive today.  I have trouble walking out of the clinic after treatment, but I do my best on those days, even if I am in a wheelchair going to my ride home.

         I am at home today enjoying my time and space while Magic is enjoying his in the bedroom.  With the day being the last day of the 2021 year, I enjoy watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix today.  I have no resolutions made, but I know what I need to do better.  My spiritual realm of life needs some work.  Not attending church every week because of dialysis is happening, and I haven’t attended church on zoom because it’s not easy listening to Sabbath school and worship on the phone.  I will be going to church in the morning for the first time since Covid hit in 2020.  With the clinic closed on Jan 1, 2022, I will be going to church with my friend JM.

         With New Year resolutions not in place, I have plans to make life better in 2022.  My spiritual realm of life will be worked on, and yes, I procrastinate daily except about dialysis.  Dialysis is necessary, and that is part of my routine.  I am enjoying my dialysis weekend now.

More thoughts later today. TTFN

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