Dialysis Update: December 30, 2021

Dialysis Update

I had treatment this morning from 10:15 AM to 12:30 PM because when I was hooked up to the machine a few minutes before 9 AM, the catheter was not pulling on the arterial/red side, and the nurse and technician put in a dose of Cathflo for one hour.  So I spent the first hour sitting in my chair waiting to be hooked up to the machine to have treatment at 10:15 AM.

Cathflo in my catheter helped get me through treatment without any problem.  Now, my treatment will be Sunday, Jan 2, 2022, because, on New Year’s Day, the clinic is closed to observe the first holiday of the year.  That’s how I see it.

I spent the three hours playing games and looking at videos and pictures on Instagram.  My blood pressure read low on the machine, but my BP read better when the nurse and tech took it manually, and I was able to walk out of the clinic to the car that was picking me up.  MMM Medical Taxi Service picked me and from dialysis today.  Dr. A has asked them to look at my blood pressure using a manual blood pressure machine, and my BP proved to be better today.

After Dialysis

When I got home, my phone was not in my walker.  I freaked out for a few minutes, then realized that I could run down to the manager’s office to have them call the number I gave them to see if my phone was in his car.  I ran out of my apartment so fast to get downstairs.  Management did call the number I gave, and my phone was in the trunk of the car I rode in.  The driver brought my phone to me.    The phone has been on the charger for a while.

Exercise Somewhat Some Unexpected

Because my phone was missing for about an hour, I walked fast from my apartment to the elevator to get to the office to make a call to let MMM Medical Taxi Service.  I was relieved that my phone was in the trunk of the taxi because it fell out of the bag on my walker, and the driver of the cab was bringing it to me.  My friend JM took the time toshe was frustrated with how the bag needed cleaning.

         With the idea of losing my phone for a short while, I waited by the back door for the taxi service.  I was relieved to have the telephone coming home.  I can live without gaming for a while, but communicating with family, friends, medical doctors, nurses, and my church is essential.  When my phone was brought to me, I was delighted to have my phone back.

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