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Thoughts on Dialysis Treatment and the Like

Please forgive me for not writing much lately. I have been busy with my life, and there are only twelve hours in a day I am awake and aware. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I have company after getting home from dialysis. An exercise regime will be added to my routine daily with my friend JM. She is very concerned about me not walking out of dialysis lately. I am also concerned. My BP has been running low or unable to be recorded. Dr. A has told the nurses and techs to have my BP measured manually until further notice. I have two grafts that don’t work and a fistula that stopped working before I began to dialyze. I didn’t start dialysis until Apr 24, 2019, as a patient in the hospital for a few days and began dialysis on May 7, 2019, at the dialysis clinic. Yes, I have been having dialysis for two and a half years now. I go faithfully.

I am looking forward to my weekend starting tomorrow afternoon to Sunday morning because Jan 1, 2022, is New Year’s Day, and the clinic will be closed for the day. I will be glad to get back on track on Tuesday, Jan 5, 2022. Also, 2021 will be gone forever except for the memories created through the year—the good and the not-good memories. I had some not-good memories at Burbank Plaza when I moved to Garden Court.

Making A Change in Life

Okay, I get why my friend JM is concerned about not getting enough exercise. I feel the changes occurring as I get older. I am only fifty-one years old, and I have cerebral palsy, dealing with BP reading low or not reading while dialyzing. Dr. A keeps an eye on my BP readings and does a med change when necessary and the right time arises. It makes me nervous when my BP goes low because I am not having symptoms. Very frustrating and upsetting. I am not ready for this, but I am in good hands at the clinic, and Jesus is in my heart. I am not alone. I will be going for a short walk in the hallway, on my floor, every day from now on. Today I got up five to seven times so far, and three of those times was to the bathroom and get something to eat for lunch and a snack. It is almost time to get Magic Kitty evening/nightly treats. It has been a fair and reasonable day.

The Crown: Netflix Series

I live in the United States in Wisconsin, and a few months ago, I met a male travel nurse at dialysis named J, who lives in Europe. I have been interested in how people live in London, England, and Queen Elizabeth II and her family live and run the country. The Netflix series The Crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. I enjoyed watching each episode and four seasons. I got a taste of how Queen Elizabeth handles situations and the people in her country. I am proud to be an American and living in the United States, learn or revisit history in some way tod sharp. I may never meet the Queen. If I did, I would be so excited that I would forget that she speaks first to initiate conversation. In the meantime I will read about how people live in other countries and the United States online or through documentaries, and I love documentaries.

Good Night

It’s time to wind down for the night. It’s going to be 7 PM shortly.    I am going to say good night; I will be back tomorrow.

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