Dialysis Update: January 11, 13, and 15, 2022

Jan 11 –

Dialysis is going smoothly. Yet my BP still goes below 100/50 during treatment, making it difficult for the machine to pull fluid, waste, and impurities patients have accumulated in their bodies during non-dialysis days. The techs or nurses have to come and machine the BP cuff and retake the BP to determine if the machine has to be put in minimum or the device can continue to pull fluid. When the machine is in minimum, the patient’s blood is cleaned. Also, I saw Dr. A this morning, and he adjusted my BP med again. Instead of taking 50mg of Metoprolol, I will take 25mg. That is cutting the pill in half once a day. I have a Pria pill dispenser that has times set up for all my meds in the morning, afternoon, and evening, which helps me get reminders, and then I take my meds. I go with my day as usual.

Jan 13 –

Treatment went well. BP is still showing up as low. I will be thinking about how to let Dr. A know what is going on. I want to get through the week first before getting a hold of him on Mychart at Mercy Hospital and Clinics.

Jan 15 –

I am starting to get annoyed with my blood pressure reading below 100/50 and not walking out of there on two feet/legs. It is winter, and my body is not like the cold and the sidewalks being bumpy, hilly, and cracked. My feet and my walker cannot handle surfaces that are not smooth. I can walk fine when the ground is smooth. I can get around my apartment walking on the floors just fine.

I will be talking to Dr. A. I will send him a message via Mychart at Mercy and go from there on Tuesday. I am my advocate, and I need to be heard somehow. I have a voice.

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