Dialysis Update: Jan 18, 20, & 22, 2022

Jan 18 –

Dr. A talked to me about my low blood pressure, how Metoprolol works, and how it is taken. I learned that we could not stop the med cold turkey, or my blood pressure would go high. We decreased my pill Metoprolol from 25mg to 12.5mg. He also wants me to take my BP at home and record it for him for our next meeting, which will be next Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022. I remember that it’s 2022 and no longer 2021. Yep, I am not saying 2021. In the meantime, I will be doing my best not to fill my body with so much fluid that makes the goal harder to achieve (what the doctors call dry went). I’ve already have fallen into a small tough spot I call an emotional crack downfall. I will be okay, though. I am very frustrated with my low BP right now, and I want answers; today, Dr. A has discussed my concerns this morning, and he was understood. I am feeling better.

I admit that dialysis was just fine with what Dr. A explained. My BP stayed in the normal range that is above 100/50.   It was below 100/50 once. The only problem I had is I am dealing with joint pain, and the cold weather is brutal some days, and I am looking forward to spring this year. Now, I will be watched more carefully. Having low BP deters my ability to walk.

Jan 20 –

Dialysis went smoothly today. My BP stayed above 100/50, and the lowest it went was 104/49. When leaving, I walked out of the clinic to the outside door before heading out the door using a wheelchair. I was wheeled out to my ride, where I got in, and home I went.

My goal weight, which is 91kgs, was reached at 91.1kgs out the door.

Jan 22 –

The weekend has arrived now, and I left at 92.? over the weekend. My BP ran low slightly, but I left at 108/57. I found a technician was not in the best mood, and her tone of voice was unacceptable. I will be talking to the director on Monday about it. I am sensitive to voice tones, and this tech used a tone of voice that should not have been used. I didn’t feel comfortable with her in my corner. I am glad to be home away from the center for the next couple of days.

Dialysis did go smoothly.

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