Getting to Know Me Again & Time Management

Like I mentioned yesterday in one sentence, I have not been writing much lately.  I am not busy enough not to write.  Anyway, I am here now, with some time before MK gets here to help me get ready for the day; I thought I would take a few minutes.  I slept better last night and through to have a dream that did not make sense.  I have sleep apnea, so I have to wear a mask at night, or my sleep will be interrupted with snoring, and my sleep quality is low.  I would be tired and sleepy a couple of hours after waking up.  In September, I had a sleep study done after a few years of not using my former for some time and learned that my sleep apnea had worsened.  In October, I got a new CPAP machine and used it off and on until recently.  I have been using it every night for the past couple of weeks.  Three weeks ago, I was told that my breathing+stops and my brain doesn’t always signal to wake up, which scared me to use the machine.

The CPAP picture is at the bottom of the screen. The machine is exactly what I have although the color is different.

Is my life too busy to take time to read the Bible daily?  No, it’s not.  I just have to have better time management.  I do not do much.  I watch Dr. Phil on OWN shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the Roku channel while home for the day.  I also have time to play games on my phone, iPad, and computer.  I have to find a comfortable niche to do my gaming.  I do not need to be on my phone all day and things down when it comes to Magic Kitty because he likes to sit and snuggle with me. Time management needs to be better.  I don’t read as I did in 2021, either.  I want to write more, too.

I have a regular schedule when it comes to dialysis.  That’s on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  I am gone for four hours of my day.  I get rides from companies that Veyo searches.  Getting companies to transport me has been challenging, and I have made my voice heard of my displeasure at times.  Being an advocate is challenging at times for this soft-hearted lady.  It’s not always easy to speak up.

Time is not escaping me this morning, but it is almost time for MK to get here so that I will head off for a while.  I have dialysis today, so that I will write more later.  I hope everyone has a good morning and afternoon.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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