Dialysis Update: February 8, 10, & 12, 2022

Feb 8 –

I think we have found the niche for dialyzing me now.  We have found a sweet spot to take my BP on the leg so that my blood pressure reads better than it had been.  It ran low a couple of times today, and the tech and nurse had to administer Cathflo into my catheter during treatment, but I still got fluid taken out.  2.3 kilograms worth in the time I was hooked up to the machine for two and a half hours.  The Cathflo worked its magic so I could have treatment.

Feb 10 –

Dialysis went perfectly even though my lines were in reverse on the machine.  My machine did not beep or cause any delay in cleaning my blood or taking any fluid that happened to be in my body.  I was able to walk out of the clinic and outside to my ride.  When I got to my apartment building, I was able to walk to the elevator from the first floor to the third floor, and walking from the elevator to my apartment before I had to sit down, I sat right in front of my door on the third floor.  I made it home with happiness and excitement in my whole being.

The only thing that had been hard to explain was the empty chair JA used to sit in. Her chair was empty.  I kept seeing the chair open.  One of the techs helped for a moment by sitting in chair number chair – JA’s spot for over a year.  It was odd not seeing her come in.

Feb 12 –

Treatment went well AFTER Cathflo was administered.  Yep, Cathflo had to be used before treatment because the machine was not liking the catheter at the beginning of treatment.  It went smoother half an hour later with a couple of issues with movement and talking.  I was able to leave dialysis, with my goal weight at 91.9 kilograms.  My blood pressure went below 100/60 a couple of times, but I could walk out of the building to my ride when JM arrived around 1 PM.  When I got home, I was able to walk to my apartment without any problems.  When Julie was parking her vehicle, I had to sit and wait for her.  It feels good to walk.

Another patient came in today and sat in the empty chair today.  That was wonderful in my way of thinking.  

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