Done For the Day…Not Much Really

Hello and good evening, dear friends and readers.  Another day has come and soon closing.  JM brought me home from dialysis and made sure I was settled, and did a couple of things for me before leaving because she was called into work for the evening.  TB visited after church while KB did things with his Dad after church.  TB and I chatted for a while after reading Saturday’s lesson of the day in the easy reading quarterly.  She left shortly after 3:30 PM.  Then that turns to me watching Brenda Walsh’s praise and worship on YouTube to close the Sabbath.

         While MK hasn’t been here, I have been doing a little more for myself, and some challenges have turned into accomplished tasks.  It feels good being independent.  I have a routine I follow even MK is not here.  When no one is here, I do my best.

         Woohoo, the weekend has begun.  Good night friends.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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