Dialysis Update: February 22, 24, & 26, 2022

Feb 22 –

Dialysis went smoothly after hooking me up.  It was a rough start because my catheter was being positional.  Dr. A visited his patients today, and when he got to me, he explained what I could do to have more water by sucking on ice.  The weather has been a bit unpleasant today—a lot of ice, slush, and cold.  Treatment went smoothly, and I got out and home by 1 PM.

Feb 24 –

Dialysis went smoothly today from the beginning to the end.  The machine alarmed once when I had moved and kinked the lines.  My BP stayed above 100/50.  Every month, on the second and fourth Thursday, patients get labs and blood tests done unless ordered by the doctor.  Today we had our hemoglobin and hematocrit checked.  My labs are OK.

Feb 26 –

When it comes to dialysis days, I have a routine.  I get to the clinic and wait until a technician comes to get me or call my name.  I am hooked up by 9:15 AM and dialyze for three hours and fifteen minutes.  Today I was hooked up about fifteen minutes early at 9 AM.  I dialyze with a catheter because my fistula never matured three years ago, and the two grafts I had put in either didn’t work or lasted nine months.  During the nine months, I had a break from the catheter—anyway, enough of this.  Dialysis today went smoothly after getting hooked up.  My catheter has positional issues from time to time, and this week has been positional issue week—no big deal.  The machine’s alarm went off twice and stopped was because I moved wrong and when the device needed more sodium carbonate.  I got on and off, waited for my ride, and got home to a kitty named Magic who misses his human.  When I get home and open the door, I have a greeter who jumps up on my walker to give and get kisses.  Ever since we have lived at GC (Oct 1, 2022),Magic has greeted me at the door when I come home from dialysis or running an errand.  When I run errands, it’s usually only to get my nails done.  With Covid, I want to limit myself from going out.  Also, my caregiver MH has been gone all week because she had Covid.

         Other than a patient, who became a friend, passing away unexpectedly on Feb 8, I have to admit not seeing and hearing her come in has been difficult.  Her spot, chair #2, was empty during treatment today.  When it is being used, I feel better about it.  I have been sitting in chair #4, where I can see the other side of the room and see techs, nurses, and patients come and go.

         It was a quiet morning.  I rested and talked with my neighbor, who sits in chair #3.  I have been more subdued since JA’s unexpected death.

         The weekend has arrived, and I do not have to be back at the clinic until Tuesday morning.  I went in at 91.5 kg and left at 89.7 kg.  I have learned how to handle my fluid intake with ice cubes and a glass of water or juice.  I have no plans this weekend—minor or major.  

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