Time Has Its Plan

Since this is the first day of the month and it’s going on 7 AM, I thought I would say good morning. I am getting ready for the day. I am bathed, dressed, and hair washed for the next couple of days. Today is dialysis day. Yep, another week has begun for treatment. 

February has left the stage at the right, and the audience applauds an outstanding performance over the past 28 days. I found February my month of ups and downs, both good and not so good. I can’t say bad because there wasn’t any bad this month. I do not consider two nights of insomnia and escalating anxiety terrible. I think of it as a rough patch, and  I suffer from anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. I am on medicine that helps me manage my good or not-so-good days—not exactly bad days.

        With spring on its way, I plan to make my home family visit to see that I am keeping this place clean. Yes, I did have a rough four weeks and being an adult, I want to continue accomplishing tasks. I have one day out of the week where my routine has no time restraints on Sunday. I have to have one day to relax and do what comes to mind. This week I have started to clean, and with my ottoman and end table looking presentable, I am looking at my kitchen table as my next project to declutter—MK vacuums every week along with sweeping and mopping. From last week not having any cares with MK’s helping me, I have found myself accomplishing tasks and chores the best I could. It was not easy bathing and dressing, and I did not sweep, mop, or vacuum because it requires standing, and when I stand too long, I can move wrong and lose my balance.

       Time is going by quickly, and it’s time for me to sign off for now. I will be back later today. 

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