Good Bye February 2022

Oh my goodness gracious.  February is taking its last act on the stage so that March can entertain the audience for thirty-one days.  However, I have to admit it has been a rough month.  When my friend from dialysis passed away on February 8, it was the beginning of an emotional crash that lasted three days after coming down from a terrible anxiety attack and insomnia.  Today, with February ready to bow and exit the stage at the right, I am looking forward to March making her debut and better weather.  Today, I am happy to be back to writing in my journal.  I will be going to dialysis as my regular schedule and time as far as my health.  This winter, I have dried myself out to the point that my mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and various parts of the body have been dry.  I have been spoiled for twelve years living on the first floor at BP, and now I am living on the third floor of GC.  Heat rises, and winter days bring dryness.  Heat rises, and my humidifier is working slowly but surely.  Is it going to be another long night?  Nope, not tonight.  Maybe…

         With MK back to work today, she helped me with bathing dressing.  Laundry and vacuuming were done.  I made my ottoman look nice as well as my end table.  I also warmed up my supper MK cooked for me and took care of my dishes by taking them to the kitchen sink after eating, filling the empty ice cube tray, and placing it in the freezer.  I have decided that I will continue to do things for myself so I will not lose my ability to do so.  I am only fifty-one, for goodness sakes.  Yes, I have to walker with a walker because walking without assistance is non-negotiable today.   I have been using a walker since 2011.  Being independent is terrific, and MK’s absence was a fantastic trial period.

         Here I am at 9:50 PM writing because I need to write.  Does writing in a diary help?  That depends on the day.  Yes, It’s late, and I am tired, but the dryness keeps me awake right now.  I will not allow insomnia to rule my life anymore this month.  I will be okay.

         Well, I better head of for now.  Good night and God bless.  February says, see you next year in 2023.

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