Won’t Give Up

Woo hoo, it’s evening here in Wisconsin.  It was a good day.  I got my daily devotional reading done, watched Diagnosis Murder, Monk, Judge Judy, Bet Your Life, Modern Family, and now I am watching the Big Bang Theory.  I did my best at finding the error I made in my spreadsheet, but I could not find it.  When trying to find the error(s), knowing that the word try is a failure word, I failed to match my bank’s journal; I found it was not reconciling with my spreadsheet.  Trying to find the errors was undaunting because I enjoy working with numbers.  I have time before going to bed for the night to try again.  I use Mac’s Numbers and/or MS Excel.  I have no preference of which program I use.  It depends on what I want to do to make the spreadsheet my own.  I like using different templates, and in MS Excel, I will add what is necessary to keep a record of what I want to put in my spreadsheet.  I may have failed to find the error(s) I made in the spreadsheet, but I will continue to find and match my bank journal.  I remember the word now—bank statement.  I’m off to work on my Feb finances.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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