Finding Time For A Good Day

This evening, I have found time to write before bed for the first time today. I did not go to dialysis today, and I had my reasons, and I WILL return Saturday morning for sure. I had breakfast, which is the only meal I had, and forty-five minutes ago, I had some Oreo cookies for my evening snack. I wasn’t thinking of food because I was busy working on my finance projects using MS excel. I am working with a simple template and added a few touches to make it work for me. According to the template, the numbers and information I put in the template were correct. Still, I realized that I was either overlooking a transaction or transposing transactions when it did not match my bank statement. That was not the case, thankfully. I forgot a deposit of $50 from Dave banking I had borrowed.

It has been a quiet day for me. I watched Murder, She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, and Monk. Roku, Netflix, Discovery+, and Hulu have not streamed much this week. I have been watching shows and movies on Spectrum TV. I was not on my computer much in February because I felt under the weather. After all, I was dried out from heating my apartment. Today I am not as dried out as I have been this season.

Time for me to sign off for the night.

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