A Quickie

I am so happy that Friday has come. I have been looking forward to the weekend for the past couple of days. Now that Friday is here, I can say I have one more dialysis treatment, and then my dialysis weekend can begin. In the meantime, I can enjoy watching TV until sundown, then get ready for bed and tomorrow. Tuesday is a memory now. I wrote about it yesterday to show I had one of those days and weeks. I am going to be okay., I will be able to take it easy tomorrow afternoon. 

Today I have been very relaxed, writing, watching TV on Roku, and once sundown comes, I will get ready for bed, read Bible verses and devotions, and get a good rest. Tomorrow is last dialysis treatment for the weekend. With what happened Tuesday, I have to say that it is now a memory. Writing about it helped. I do not expect it to happen again. 

I am going to go now. 

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