A Little Blah Today

I have been home since 1 PM, had my lunch, and decided to watch Law and Order on Peacock TV, starting with the 13th season, episode 1.  If I  want to watch any available seasons before season 13, I need to subscribe to other channels or pay $2 an episode.  I will watch what is available on Peacock TV or Hulu.  I am glad to be home and indoors instead of out in the weather elements, which happens to be a little cooler, rainy, and wet from last night’s rain.  I saw damp pavement and streets this morning and afternoon.  We are, as Wisconsin residents, still dealing with winter temperatures, yet it is beginning to warm up a little bit each week.  I even heard the nasty word snow a couple of times today, and we are expecting it tomorrow.  What a way to start my Sabbath weekend.  I am not impressed.  I have to deal with it the best I can.

When it comes to damp weather, I get sore, tired, and a little down when it lasts for a couple of days or more, and this week we had decent weather on Tuesday, but for the past couple of days, have been rainy and cloudy.  I thrive for the sun, and I think Magic also does.  He is sleeping in his cat tree house in the living room a few feet from me.

I am looking forward to my weekend, Sabbath, and time to work on projects, snuggle and cuddle with Magic Kitty, and relax.  At this time, I am taking it one day at a time since the weather warrants me to do so.  I dislike what the weather is like right now, but I manage.

More later.

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