Weekly Update for April 12, 14, & 16, 2022

April 12 – After having three days of treatment last week, there seems to be a block in my catheter that needs medicine to take out the clot, then it runs fine the rest of the week. The medication is called Cathflo. I had a little over two hours of dialyzing time when I was hooked up. I have been told that the clotting in the catheter is not my fault and that clotting just happens. Okay, I get it, but it has been every Tuesday lately, which can be frustrating. 

Every Tuesday, except when a fifth Tuesday falls in a month, nephrologist doctors make their rounds to all twelve patients. Dr. A (my doctor) and Dr. S are those doctors. I always look forward to seeing Dr. A because I want to know how I am doing and want to make changes where necessary. 

Dr. A and I had discussed reducing my dialyzing time by fifteen minutes, which means I will be dialyzing for three hours until further notice. I will begin treatment at three hours on Thursday. 

April 14 – Dialysis went smoothly today. I got on early, and the machine worked through treatment. Starting today, I started dialyzing at three hours instead of three hours and fifteen minutes because Dr. A took fifteen minutes off my time Tuesday, as I hinted last week, and we discussed it, etching it in stone until further notice.

April 16 – Wow! What a wat to end my week of dialysis treatment by getting in early. I was picked by 8 AM and at the clinic waiting by 8:10 AM, and hooked before 9 AM. My time, for being hooked up is by 9:15 AM. I was in Chair #1 today, and on for three hours and out the door shortly after 12:30 PM because I had to wait for my ride. Anyway, dialysis treatment went well. The machine alarm went off from time to time because I moved wrong, lol. I left with my dry weight at 89.7 kilograms. My dry weight is set at 90.5 kilograms now.

Now I have a break and my dialysis weekend has begun. I will return Tuesday morning for another week of treatment. Until next week. 

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