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May 6, 2022 

I am so happy that it is Friday. I have had a rough week emotionally, and I have nothing to emphasize why I was having an emotional week. I have had several reasons for my emotional week to be what was. It was filled with anxiety, the want to cry, impatience, and feeling annoyed, and confused. Today, liked Wednesday, I am having a better day. I have an appointment at 1 PM, and then I get my hair cut at the beauty school we have in town. The appointment at 1 PM is to talk to Dr. H (female) about getting a power chair, then at 2 PM, my hair gets cut. 


Power Chair 

Okay, JP and I got a lesson in about getting a power chair. I will have to get a lightweight wheelchair first and use for so long and have another appointment in about six weeks or so, as well as a physical therapy appointment to confirm and document that a power chair is needed. We discussed why it would be safer. It is going to take a few weeks or more to get a power chair, so in the meantime, I will have to wait and be patient. Thank goodness it is the Sabbath, and I have my last treatment of the week. 


I took the time to go to the beauty school to have a student cut my hair. Yes, my hair is short, but I needed my hair cut because it was getting long and in my ears. When my hair gets in my ears, I end up with ear wax in my hair. Enough said about ear wax, lol. Anyway, I got my hair done nicely so now it will grow. The bad ends have been taken care of—if any.

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I do not mean to sound selfish today or anytime, but I need prayer for patience, peace, and a settled mind. I have been dealing with emotions this week.  My patience has thinned with a patient at dialysis. Because he moans and groans loudly and wants to have his feet down. He is 81 years old, and he is more likely uncomfortable and dealing with pain. I can relate to pain for sure. I just never seen an 81-year-old man whine.  

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1 Thessalonians 2:1–9 NIV – You know,… | Biblia



Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Issue Statements After Her Explosive Testimony ( 


Because I do not know Johnny Depp personally, but I am a fan of his from Jump 21st Street days. I have also watched Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I do not remember Amber Heard in the movie. If he did abuse Amber Heard, it would come out in court, and if he did not abuse Amber Heard, it would also come out in court. The court system is broken because of the sin in the world, people who do not care about others than themselves, and bigger the money people can get away with things. It scares me where this is leading and how much longer this case is going to go on. Is Heard lying? Is Depp denying abuse? God knows the truth because he sees all, and knows all, also. Someone is telling the truth, and someone is lying. We need to see how this plays out.

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