Dialysis Update & Dream I Had

May 24, 2022 

Dialysis went well this morning. My catheter worked like a champion. The lines may have been in reverse, but the technician in charge of pod 1 had gotten me hooked up and going without any problems. I got to see Dr. A after his two-week vacation and we discussed my labs that were done two weeks ago, and he told me that he sees a good trend running. We also talked about my high potassium for a moment, and he was not too worried about it, but he does not want it to go any higher than the potassium showed at 5.9. High potassium is dangerous to the heart.  

May 26, 2022 

Dialysis went smoothly with a slight problem. Reversed the lines again, and dialysis went as planned. 

May 28, 2022 

Dialysis did not go as planned today. Cathflo was administered, and the catheter did not work properly. I was able to get .32 kilograms of fluid out of me before they took me off, and I was sent home at 12:30 PM. I am not a happy person because I could not get dialyzed and Veyo did not understand that I was waiting for a test result they had ordered to check my K (potassium) to make sure it was not high. Remembering it was, my K, 5.9 a couple of weeks ago, I hoped not. My potassium was 3.0. We will have to wait until Tuesday to see what to do or if there is a chair available, I will get in on Monday. 

This dream came from out of nowhere. I have not played any games that have zombies in them or watched movies or television shows dealing with zombies. This dream came unexpectedly out of the left field and the imagination of a writer drafting a book. As you read this dream, please construct your ending, and tell me all about it at kristikarnopp1@gmail.com …  I advise that no foul language be used. 

My dream: Zombies?? 

I was in a massive building with other people trying to get to their destination on foot. There were many people I did not know, but I was not panicking. I just wanted to get around a group of people to get to my friend, a few people ahead of me. Suddenly a young woman was screaming, “my daughter is missing!” People stopped to look about for a girl. I heard people mumbling their wonder about the missing girl. The woman screamed again, “she’s only twelve!” The next thing I see is my friend being escorted in my direction, and then the escort grabbed me, saying, “I need to get you to safety immediately.” As this person was doing this, my friend looked at me and said, “something was wrong.” I could not say a word because I was observing everything around me and what I saw were people we were leaving behind. Suddenly, a boy was yelling, “zombies are coming, zombies are coming!” From the direction the boy had come, I saw that the zombies were coming, and quite a few of them. Everyone was hurrying to avoid being bumped, and some people were yelling and running in every direction. People were heading toward the zombies, getting knocked into them, and becoming zombies themselves. My friend and I got into the vehicle; then, our escort grabbed two others coming toward us and brought them to and helped them into the car. There was no moment to panic. As the gentleman jumped into the driver’s side, revved up the vehicle, and took us to safety. As we were heading to the safe house, we were told that the zombies are contagious, and to avoid being touched by them, we had to go to a home-built to keep the zombies away. My friend said in a tone of voice that did not surprise me, “you knew this would happen!” The escort, now driver, said, “it was an experiment that went wrong, and one of those zombies was the doctor who botched the experiment, and it was done by accident.” 

“I plan to do everything; I can get those zombie people back to who they were before turning into zombies.” With some excitement and wonder, I asked, “how are you going to do that,” looking at the driver, then out of the passenger side window. I did not hear his response, and while I was looking out, I saw garage doors open with piles of hay. Not bales of hay, but hay piled ten feet high. As if he read my mind, the driver said, the hay and grass with certain chemicals that will not affect humans and animals but will stop any zombie is part of the protection.” He stopped the vehicle, got out, and opened the doors to help everyone out. He came to the passenger side, opened the door, and helped me out with ease, and we then ran into the home, where there was someone cooking dinner. Dinner was being served. I walked to the patio doors and saw a cat’s shadow going in the direction of the garage. I turned around and sat to get some nourishment from the food that our escort’s wife kindly prepared. Suddenly we heard a vehicle coming down the street and went to see who it was. It looked like a friend’s van was coming our way. We stood in the driveway, and as the van passed, we noticed a zombie driving while another zombie was on the passenger side. They were laughing and yelling at us in a zombie language as they went past. We turned around and went back inside the house, and in doing so, I saw the 10-foot hay pile and the cat. I saw its shadow a few moments before laying peacefully on the hay pile. It looked at me, and he meowed his content and went back to sleep. I knew then that we were going to be okay. I smiled and closed the front door with more zombies walking about on the street because the sidewalks and properties with hay bales in their garages, the zombies could not get close to harm an uninfected human or damage anything in their way. 

Then I woke. Can you produce an ending? 

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