A Few Moments of My Time This Morning

Be Patient with Me 

When it comes to editing and making My Diary and Blog as perfect as possible, I want to admit that it will take a little time. It is time-consuming at times. I do not work outside the home, nor do I have a job inside my home except to see my friend’s DC. I lead a quiet life these days and share my life on Facebook, Instagram, and at Dear Diary, but I am selective on what is shared there for personal reasons. I have found that taking the time to write the best I can, at the age of 51, Grammarly comes in handy, plus using Office online does help make the work a little easier once I have found the suitable template, what I want on my blog on a daily or regular basis. When to start writing so I am not up late into the night when I have treatment the following day. Like last night, I did not get done with my project until 8:30 PM. Time matters to me. I want My Diary and Blog to be the best. In other words, if I want to share devotions, thoughts of the day by Ellen G. White, prayers, Magic’s Corner, etc……, I need to begin working on my project – My Diary and Blog – in the morning, so I do not leave things at the last minute to get finished. It is a lot of work otherwise. I want to relax by 7 PM on the nights before dialysis treatment because I wake up between 5 AM and 6 AM, so I have time for myself before my caregiver, JP. Also, Magic Kitty deserves some time when he wants it. We have our morning routine. This is work for me, and I may not get paid in monetary terms, but I will get paid in ways that is not monetary, and I share uplifting devotions and Ellen G. White’s Thought of the day, and another section prayers because I want to help others in some way since I cannot do missionary outside the state or country. 

Last Night: Rain 

Oh, my goodness gracious. It rained hard last night. The living room window was open while it was raining, and my windowsill got a little wet. Oops, oh well, JP ended up coming over for a few minutes to drop off fresh baked banana bread for me and my friend DC and closed the window. I have tried to close the window myself, and with my strength being a little weaker due to dialysis treatment or the window just will not budge for me. The windows need two hands and arms, and that is a little difficult for me because I have cerebral palsy and it is pronounced on the right side. The window was closed, and the windowsill was wiped off from rain getting in a little. The rain startled Magic a bit because rain coming in. Thanks JP! 

Last Night: A Little Scare 

What happened last night was not a big deal after it happened, but who would be knocking at my door at 8:30 PM. I answered the door and opened it so I can hear the unexpected caller better when he said that he had the wrong door. That is what did not scare me, but the smell from him was so strong. It was cigarette smoke, and with it being so strong, I could smell it in my apartment hallway and on my close for several minutes before taking time to spray Lysol to get rid of the stink. I can still smell the cigarette smoke in my nostrils as if someone smoked in front of me. That is how strong it is. I cannot tolerate cigarette smoke anymore. 

Magic Kitty 

I will let Magic tell his story in Magic’s Corner: Magic Speaks. He has been a good boy this morning at 7:42 AM. He helped JP who happens to have a headache this morning because she did not sleep well last night. He loves looking out the window at the birds and traffic going by. Living on Main St downtown there is a lot of traffic going by day and night. The night traffic is not so bad, but during the day, Main St is busy. 

Time to Go for Treatment 

It is time for me to get ready and go wait for my ride that will take me to dialysis treatment. It has been a pleasure taking the time to share a little bit this morning. I hope everyone has a good day or the best day possible. It is another cloudy and rainy day, so I need to dress accordingly. The temperature is nothing to worry about now that the weather is getting warmer. Spring is here yet it will not be here for long. 

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